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GlenhopeCo is a family business that has developed over 20 years on our farm 'Glenhope' in  Armidale NSW. The cold climate is the perfect environment for growing this fine, quality rare fibre. 

The alpaca wool used in our beautiful blankets is totally sourced from our animals with the products designed in house and knitted in Australia.

It has been a joy and privilege to work with these wonderful animals and witness the development of our wool to the superior quality it is today. This has occurred with the assistance of our breeding adviser the late Dr Jim Watts(OBE) who developed the SRS breeding system for alpacas, sheep and goats. This selective breeding has resulted in the amazing silky soft feel you experience when wrapped in one of our beautiful blankets. The natural lustre is a stand out attribute of alpaca. Our breeding with a focus on softness and increased elasticity ensures the blankets maintain their shape and comfort.

 Each fleece is carefully graded at shearing with only the best making it into the final bales resulting in this luxurious superior product.


Alpaca wool is classified as a rare specialty fibre. It has excellent thermal insulation combined with a lightness like no other fibre. It is soft and luxurious like cashmere but has a much better strength and durability. The high tensile strength will ensure years of pleasure if given the love and care it deserves.

Alpaca is hypoallergenic so a great alternative to wool for those with allergies.This is due to the smooth cell structure and no lanolin so the blankets feel smooth on the skin. It also has an amazing natural lustre that is especially evident in the natural blankets.Housing natural properties of superior thermal insulation it directs the moisture of the body to the outside of the garment allowing breath ability and a lightness.


The animals are free to roam over our property in a stress free environment.

 Alpacas are naturally environmentally friendly with their soft padded feet which reduces soil impact.They are browsers with their eating habits and are excellent converters of their food. They have less water requirements than other animals and do not require treatment with harsh chemicals. We are further committed to high quality care, ethical and sustainable practices for them and for our land.

 Recycled paper and biodegradable packaging have been sourced to continue our 'gentle on the earth' philosophy.


 GlenhopeCo products are grown, designed and made in Australia. Our daughters Rachel and Skye have been involved in the designing process and our daughter in law Jess has created our social marketing profile.So it has been very much a family business with lots of fun and enjoyment along the way.

The colors used in this collection of Australian alpaca blankets were inspired by the Australian landscape.

 We feel very blessed to have had the privilege to work with these wonderful creatures and to see the possibilities of their superior fleece attributes improve each year. This will only get better with the years ahead as we see some amazing results in the softness and quantity in our alpaca fleece products.